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Post operative expectation:

  • The procedure for the majority of the patients is pain free. In fact some patients call it a relaxing spa like feeling.
  • You may feel some scratchiness or pressure on your lids for about 24 hours. Do not rub or pinch your eyelids.
  • Drops may be prescribed for a short duration after the procedure. This is not typical and will be determined by the doctor at the time of the procedure.
  • Ophthalmic Gel may be prescribed for patients who have Lid Lag and Lagophthalmos (LAG) which is the inability to completely close the eyes during periods of sleep.
  • If you are not already on Omega-3 supplements, they will be prescribed.
  • Relief is not immediate. Most dry eye patients have had this disease for years. By one month’s end you should notice significant relief. You will be seen by your doctor or practice dry eye advocate at the six week visit.
  • Most patients will notice relief from their symptoms that lasts from twelve up to 36 months.. Dry eye disease is a chronic condition. Like all chronic conditions, the symptoms and the causes are addressed, but nor cured in the traditional sense. The procedure may need to be repeated if and when symptoms recur. This is typically sometime between nine and excess of thirty-six months.

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